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Snap-Loc E-Track

It’s crazy to believe but Snap-Loc E-Track is actually made in the USA! Our Patent Pending design provides solutions for in use problems and install problems people always have with standard E-Track. Our slot design allows for horizontal and vertical use on the same rail, uses optimal 32" length for much less installation cutting and has plenty of extra screw holes to line up with every wall stud so you don’t have to do any extra hole drilling! Only Snap-Loc offers the “Fastest, Safest and Easiest” E-Track! Made from thick 12 gauge heavy duty USA galvanized steel for a quality that will last even in extreme weather environments! For larger orders we also offer custom lengths in any size you want, call or email us for details at

  • Much easier to install saving time and money!
  • Securely anchors logistic E-Track tie-down straps and E-Track accessories.
  • Made from thick 12 gauge heavy duty USA galvanized steel.
  • High quality that will last even in extreme weather environments.
  • Horizontal vertical design provides options for strap direction.
  • Optimal 32" length fits more locations with less cutting-in.
  • Plenty of extra screw holes line up with every wall stud.
  • Coordinates and fits with industry standard logistic E-Track products.
  • 4,400 lb. break strength and 1,467 lb. Working Load Limit (1,996/665 kg) with 14 Snap-Loc fasteners 2" o.c. per lf.
  • Only "The Snap-Loc System" offers a permanent comprehensive solution for all your cargo management needs with a coordinating variety of Straps, Accessories, Dollies, Carts and more.
  • Snap-Loc is a trademarked system with patent protected exclusive products.