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Special Duty Carts

Special Duty Carts

"Safely Move More in Less Time"

Our Special Duty Carts are made in the USA! All our Hand Trucks have built in “Snap-Loc E-Track Singles” making them the “Fastest, Safest and Easiest” way to move stuff! You've probably wasted lots of time and money buying the same old junky import carts with crappy wheels that don’t roll, go flat and waste your time! These Snap-Loc Carts save you time and money with easy rolling “All-Terrain” and “Extreme-Duty” construction, never-flat wheels, large industrial size and E-Track Strap safety attachment to lock and load more stuff!

  • Carts are high-quality USA made steel construction built to last a lifetime.
  • Built-in "SNAP-LOC E-Track Singles" safely tie down Logistic E-Track Straps.
  • E-Track Straps keep taller large loads from falling over and can be used as handles to control the load.
  • Contractor and industrial size moves most anything.
  • Additional wheels take the load weight and save your back.
  • Extension bars with additional wheels take the load weight instead of you back.
  • Drop down, load bars for carrying more stuff.
  • Fits with industry standard E-Track accessories.
  • Only "The Snap-Loc System" offers a permanent comprehensive solution for all your cargo management needs with a coordinating variety of Straps, Accessories, Dollies, Carts and more.
  • Snap-Loc is a trademarked system with patent protected exclusive products.