Benefits of Using The E-Track Single Hang-It Kit

When you’re creating storage solutions for your home or business, the key is to create a solution that not only maximizes your space, but makes your life easier! With the E-Track Hang-It Kit, you can be sure that you’ll have a solution that will make your storage more organized! Here are four of our favorite benefits of using the E-Track Hang-It Kit:


This hang-it kit is designed to make storage, securing, and even transport for cargo easier! As the fastest way to get heavy or bulky items safely hung from your ceiling or tied down on trucks and other transportation methods, you’ll love the versatility of the hang-it kit. Instead of struggling with low-quality straps that are only designed to work in a single way, try this kit for securely storing or tying down your items.


The E-Track Hang-It Kit makes getting storage solutions figured out faster than ever. Place as many E-Track Singles as you need to make storage for canoes, kayaks, ladders, bikes, and anything else faster than ever. With hooks that quickly transform into straps, you can create a multi-use setup for storage in your garage, warehouse, or home.


The E-Track System is designed to lock your E-Straps in place, keeping everything right where it belongs at all times. Instead of worrying about fraying, wear and tear, or breakage with other straps or ropes, you can rely on the Snap-Loc E-Track Straps, Hang-It Kit, and Dolly System to transport and secure your cargo or bulky items with ease!


All of the pieces in the Hang-It Kit are designed to withstand the test of time and rigorous use. Each of the 12 gauge stainless steel pieces in this kit are steel powder coated to resist contaminants, weather wear, and even rust or corrosion. We also only use two by twelve inch polyester strap webbing designed to stay strong for years to come.

Learn more about the E-Track Single Hang-It Kit, designed to make securing and transporting your cargo easier than ever! Shop today to place your order!