Featured Product: 1,000 lb Capacity All-Terrain 6 Wheel E-Track Hand Truck Cart

At Snap-Loc, our focus is on providing high-quality products designed to make transporting, lifting, and storing easier for your business, warehouse, or even in a home setting! Today, we’ll be discussing a featured product, the 1000 lb Capacity All-Terrain 6-Wheel E-Track Hand Truck Cart! This cart is part of our E-Track system and created with your needs in mind!

Easy Rolling

Dolly carts are supposed to make things easier to transport, but many generic dollies have wheels that have difficulties navigating rough surfaces, making transportation just as difficult with or without wheels. This cart is not like generic dolly carts, however. With six all-terrain wheels made from airless rubber tread, plus two swivels, this cart can handle just about anything!

Versatile Solutions

Because this cart is part of the Snap-Loc E-Track System, you can mix and match this cart with industry standard E-Track accessories and can also use the E-Track System for trucks and trailers with this dolly! In addition to these versatile add-ons and connections, you can also extend the load plate out to 31 inches, and the cart includes a fold-down loading bar.

Stores Easily

When the time comes to finish up your work for the day and put all your equipment away, the All-Terrain 6-Wheel E-Track Cart is designed to easily stand on one set of its wheels to ensure easier storage. Because the additional wheels are designed to fold up, the cart has a smaller profile this way, and can more easily be stored when not in use.

Long-Lasting Construction

Each of these dolly carts are built with 1 ¼ inch-thick metal tubes that are steel-powder coated so they are resistant to contaminants, weather, and wear from daily use. The welding design for these carts ensure maximum strength and durability, too!

Learn more about the 1000lb Capacity All-Terrain 6-Wheel E-Track Hand Truck Cart online and place your order today!