The Strongest Straps on the Market

Snap-Loc specializes in high-quality cargo control products that will meet the demands of any industry. Our straps are no exception. Heavy-duty ratchets and intuitive connectors ensure our straps work seamlessly with your Snap-Loc cargo control setup. Or, if you need to connect to loops or other anchors, our hooked straps are equally as reliable. Order your straps today to experience the Snap-Loc difference.



Snap-Loc Straps are made and assembled in the USA! With a variety of different hardware options, lengths, and end fittings, you will be sure to find the perfect tie-down strap for every job. If you want custom made straps, we have exactly what you need right here in the USA with fast lead times. For great pricing on custom straps, email us at

Snap-Loc strives to create the highest-quality cargo-transporting products you can buy. We want to make sure you find exactly what you need, no matter the job. That’s why we specially designed our straps to help make sure you’re set. When purchasing our heavy-duty, reliable cargo straps, you’ll receive:

  • Up to 4,400lb of Tie-Down Power Per Strap
  • Up to 10,000lb Capacity for Towing Straps
  • Easy-to-Use Ratchets
  • Intuitive E-Track Snap-In Connectors
  • A Variety of Lengths to Meet Your Needs
  • Powerful Cinch Straps
  • Reliable Hook-Ends for Traditional Connections

We want to make sure you have exactly what you need to haul your cargo. If you can’t find it here, contact us. Our expert team will help you find the ideal cargo-moving setup.

Reliable, Strong

Fabric Straps


Ratchet Systems

Up to 10,000lb

Towing Capacity

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Made In The USA

Products That Won’t Let You Down

Snap-Loc straps are just one of our many products that allow you to move your cargo securely. Our line-up is specifically designed to work together fluidly to help you get moving and unloaded faster while staying safe. Make sure you check out our other Snap-Loc cargo-hauling accessories for use with your new cargo straps.

The E-Track Difference

Many of our straps are equipped with specially made connectors that easily snap into Snap-Loc E-Tracks. The E-Track system is designed to help you get your cargo uploaded and offloaded quickly, maximizing convenience and minimizing risk. Learn more about our E-Track System today!
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For more information on Snap-Loc products, please contact us. Our team of Snap-Loc Cargo Control experts is ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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